A PARKING FEE is required to enter Haunted Hollow

A minimum $2 per car Donation to the Beulah Fire Dept. is required

NO ALCOHOL, or anyone under the influence of alcohol is allowed on the property

Drop-offs are NOT allowed.  Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times

Children under 16 are not allowed to enter Haunt(s) without an adult

Loittering, "hangin-out", or waiting on someone for pick-up is NOT allowed.

NO Weapons are allowed on property

Our Rules are STRICTLY enforced, and are not negotiable


SORRY!  We do NOT accept checks, credit, or debit cards.  Cash ONLY




             Single HAUNT Tickets       $12 Each

             FINN's Funeral Home         $12

             VILLAGE of the Dead         $12

             SPINAL TAP                        $12

     3 Haunted Combo Ticket   $25

            There are NO refunds or Rainchecks